30 anni di pace fredda. Pace. All'anima sua.


                                                         Tomba di Sadat (m. 6/10/1981, il Cairo)

 Il 19 Novembre 1977 atterrava il Presidente Anwar Sadat all'aeroporto Ben Gurion di Tel Aviv, dando così ufficialmente inizio al processo di pace israelo-egiziano. Sono 7 mesi che aspetto di scrivere questo post, e ho mancato la data di 2 giorni. Porca miseria. Non che qualcosa sia cambiato in questi 2 giorni...lo statu quo tale rimane. Molto di quello che potrei dire su questa pace fredda, sui sentimenti che provo per quel dittatore coraggioso, uomo di guerra e pace, è espresso in questo scambio di messaggi che sta avendo luogo su Facebook da qualche giorno tra un ragazzo egiziano e me. Questa è la realtà dei fatti. Ho riflettuto se rendere pubblico su questo blog il suo nome, perché per un egiziano "non sta bene" avere contatti con un'israeliana. Poi ho pensato: ma chi diamine lo vede il mio blog? E, a parte ciò, questa esposizione è il genere di atto di cui oggigiorno abbiamo bisogno se vogliamo dare un senso esteso a questa pace trentennale.

Inbox: "Wondering"

Between You and Mahmoud Wanas

5:52pm November 11th
I'm just wondering why u join Egypt network...!!!!!!!!!
12:33am November 12th

At the beginning it was a mistake (I didn't know that you can join just 2 networks and then you can't change them for a while). And afterwards I just forgot about that.
But the real reason is that actually my mom was born in Alexandria and expelled with all her family in '48, when she was 3 years old.
I had a trip to Egypt this summer and I felt very well there, I met a lot of nice and interesting people, now I want to come back to study there for a period.
I hope it answers your question...
5:11pm November 13th
A very simple but a complicated question
"Do u accept to marry an Egyptian?"
I'm not talking about myself or u ,it's about the concept
3:17am November 14th

I don't want to get married at I solve a lot of problems!

Anyway, why this question?
4:09pm November 14th
In the news here in Egypt they talk about lot of Egyptians who go to Israel and marry Israeli's girls
They saied that they are about 250 thousands egyptian

what do think about it???
2:00am November 15th

Hi Mahmoud,
As far as I know, those numbers are exaggerated. It's quite impossible. Maybe 10,000 maximum, most of whom are married with Arab Israelis.
Anyway, I don't see the problem: according to Islam, it's not forbidden for a Muslim man to marry a Jewish (or Christian) woman. And, as for the political aspect of the issue, Egypt and Israel have signed a peace agreement in 1979...
By the way: on November 20 it will be 30 years since Anwar Sadat's visit in Israel.

About marriages, check this:

2:58am November 16th
Yes u are right a Muslim man can marry Christian or newish girl
and also he can have 4 wives at the same time

about the number 250 is really too much
i get this number fo a Arabic news website
u are more correct
by the way why u don't think about marriage at all?
is that normal?
4:03am November 16th

I don't think about marriage at this stage of my life, I'm 24, I feel still young and the entire life is in front of me. Maybe things will change in future, if I meet the right person.
I just see so much suffering among married people, and the number of infidelties just increases in all the world. For sure I'm not intentioned to get married just to fill the loneliness, and afterwords to have an "affair"...
4:06am November 16th

and, sorry, but, what the hell is "normal"? Who decides that?
I mean, for sure to get married in a "normal" social convention, not a biological one. I don't think that people who don't get married are "not normal". Maybe they are brave to oppose the social accepted mainstream.
5:20pm November 20th
I'm with u about that, me too don't think about marriage in this time of my life
Not before 30 or before I meet someone who attract me enough to make it earlier
Actually I thought u are one of those homosexual people who don't think about marriage at all. -sorry for saying that-
Anyway after 30 years of Sadat visit to Israel the relations normalization between the two nations may exist on the political side, but not yet on the people side
Most of people here don't feel comfort with it. what about people there??
Today at 1:31am

you are touching a sore point with this question about normalization...
I can tell you that in Israel, every person I know and I meet, would love to have normal relationship with Egypt. We are just waiting for that. We are ready. You can see it, for example, by the fact that there is a lot of Israeli tourims in Sinai and some even in Cairo, ALex etc (that is less becauseof the securoty problems). You can see that by the fact that in 1982, just 2 years after signing Camp David peace agreements, the Israelis established in Cairo the "Israel Academic Center", which works nonstop since than. You can see it by the fac that on the occurrance of the 30 years of Sadat's visit, in Israel we have been discussing about the issue, in a really positive way, we have done ceremonies to remember the event, there is an exhibition...there is a journalist that came to Egypt to make some reports about our "cold peace" status.

May I just refer you to a post I prepared for this important anniversary for a website I manage? It is partly in Italian, partly in Hebrew, but I would like you to see the video. The post is here:
It is titled "A great man is not enough for peace".
Under the video there is a a row in bold with 2 links in blue to Sadat and Begin speeches at Knesset on that historic day.

If you want, here there is also an english video, that can help you to understand how Israelis feel with that event:

and I suggest you these article to have a good view of the opinions'panorama:

"In Sadat's footsteps?"

(Sadat's grave picture in this post, I've taken this august, when I've been in Egypt for 1 month)

"Thank you, Egypt",7340,L-3473031,00.html

I agree with both the authors, but more with the first one. I think that all the idea of panarabism is dead, never worked, there is a lot of hypocrisy in it. So every Arab country should think about its own interests. But, on the other hand, doesn't matter the status of is so important to us to have peace with Egypt, a peace that, notwithstanding all the difficulties, resists already 30 years. So we are grateful to Egypt and to Sadat.

Actually, when I've been in Egypt, I met a lot of persons, young guys and adults: I never had problems when I told I'm Israeli. On the contrary, they welcomed me very well (and the fact that my family is Egyptian increased the sympathy to me). I saw a lot of will to normalize the relationship, a lot of interest in the other, a lot of tiredness towards politcs and politically correctness.

I'm sorry for being too lengthy, but is a such important issue for me...!

It's great to have this exchange with you! Thanks,



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